Our company, as ship chandler, offers services to many shipping concerns in the all ports of Germany, Poland, Netherland, Belgium, Denmark, England, France and Italy supplying their ships with all necessities ranging from a broad spectrum of food products through electrical appliances and specialized technical equipment.


"Cooperating with us, you have an opportunity to supply your vessel with all necessary things. "

Save your time and money, receiving the high quality goods just in time.
Great ship asks deep waters!



Fresh, cooled, frozen provision, groceries, dairy products, soft and alcoholic drinks, etc.
Everything that is necessary for crew.




Cleaning and detergent materials, ware, galley stores, linens, stationery, household appliances and electronics.
Everything that is necessary for business order.




Ship rigging, special spare parts, valves and pipes, fittings, electrical equipment, electrodes and welding materials, gas production, lubricants and so on.
Everything that is necessary for the vessel activity.


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